The training course you will have undergone before offering clinical services to your clients will have mentioned various aspects associated with the safety of the lasers or intense pulsed light sources you will be using, and may well have discussed the requirements of local legislation, as well as the Control of Artificial Optical Radiations at Work Regulations 2010.

You will therefore understand that you would benefit from access to a certificated Laser Protection Adviser if you are a Cosmetic Laser Surgeon or Healthcare Professional who operates lasers or intense pulsed light sources to treat ‘disease disorder or injury’, as defined in the Regulations.

I am able to provide the advice, support and information you need to ensure you comply with the detailed requirements of the Regulations in a manner that is professional, but above all helpful and practical.

Even if you do not need to register with your Local Authority, you may be interested in ongoing access to a certificated LPA.
Contract information:

Flexible and competitive annual contracts can be arranged to suit your individual needs at a start date to suit you.

We will typically provide one on-site visit in the first contract year, backed up by telephone and email support.

Telephone advice will always be backed up in writing.

Full visit and audit reports will be given.
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