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Contract information:

We have a flexible approach to contracting the contract will be designed around your needs.

The contract would typically include regular on-site visits, alongside telephone and email support at most reasonable times. The number of on-site days would depend on the amount and complexity of the work you undertake with ionising and /or non-ionising radiations.

If you would prefer, we can agree a complete package to include regular, or one-off, one-day radiation and/or laser protection training courses for staff and /or students.

Further information on training courses can be found on the training page.
Universities & Colleges of Further Education often use ionising and non-ionising radiations. These radiations can be associated with the use of x-ray machines, sealed or unsealed radioactive substances, lasers, ultraviolet lamps, or electromagnetic fields.

The perceived level of risk is as diverse as the departments that use the equipment, and may not necessarily relate to the actual risk involved. A person trained specifically in radiation safety can often identify potential hazards and areas of risk which may otherwise be missed.

Although all scientists will probably understand and be aware of the risks involved in using their particular apparatus or procedures, there is a significant amount of complex legislation surrounding the use of ionising and non-ionising radiations which they may not be fully aware of.

The Institution has to ensure that it complies with this legislation if it wishes to avoid potential prosecution, and if it is to keep its staff, students and visitors safe.
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