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Most secondary schools use radioactive substances to aid their practical teaching on radioactivity.

While the amount of radioactive material used may vary from one school to another, all schools with these materials must be able to demonstrate their compliance with the raft of relevant legislation.

The ‘advice’ sections of the website gives some pointers to the key features of this legislation and how it may be complied with. As an RPA my role is to assist you to make legislative compliance and safe use of radioactive material as simple as possible.

Other, more detailed information can be found in the CLEAPSS document L93 ‘Managing Ionising Radiations and Radioactive Substances’, published in May 2017.

Graham has direct experience in providing RPA services to schools, both independently or through Academy trusts and also through the CLEAPSS RPA Scheme. We would welcome further enquiries where we would give you a no obligation quote.

As an independent RPA service, we offer the choice of 1-year or 3-year contracts.
There is a growing tendency to avoid the legislation and simply use videos and internet resources in this area.

We feel this is a loss, as there is no substitute for direct experience. In addition, this approach may foster the myth that all radiation is something to be feared, whereas if handled correctly it may be put to positive use.

If you are contemplating disposal of your sources, it might just be worth contacting us first. The high cost of disposal would pay for several years of RPA cover.
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