Graham has a reputation as an excellent communicator. Students often comment that he make the science understandable and the legislation entertaining!
Types of training course available:
You can only work safely with ionising and non-ionising radiations if you understand what you are doing.

You and your staff will need to come to grips with some of the science that lies behind radiation and its uses so that you can work safely and ensure the safety of others. Echoes of old school physics lessons have a way of triggering fear and closing the mind in a way that other topics cannot manage!

Professional groups in many sectors have written a large amount of specific guidance, but even so the full implications of the legislation are not necessarily apparent from just reading it. You need this to be distilled and related to your specific situations.

In spite of the obvious need, much of this can be as dull as ditch water if it not put over in a way that is both engaging and based on actual practice.
Graham has provided and continues to provide training for a wide array of radiation users:
- 5-hour CPD training sessions for dentists and dental
ancillary staff;
- Individual or linked lectures to radiographers (both
undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses in CT);
- Radiation Protection Supervisors’ 3-day courses;
- 1-day University radiation users’ courses;
- ½ day ‘Core of Knowledge’ Laser & IPL safety training
- 1 day in-depth Laser safety training courses.
Training courses can be written around your individual requirements in terms of both content and length.

My training sessions are usually based around PowerPoint presentations, which are continually updated to include new information as it becomes available, and as result of feedback from previous courses.
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