What makes our service different?
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Dental Info
About Us
is a small independent family business based in Lancashire.

The business was set up in 2003 to provide a personal, tailor-made service to those using ionising or non-ionising radiations.

Our clients have typically come from the non-nuclear sectors, dental and veterinary surgeons, the cosmetic industry and education.

We have also provided you with flexible training courses to cover a wide variety of needs.
YourRPA is not a 9-5 business.

If you have a problem you can contact us at any reasonable time and we will always endeavour to answer your queries promptly.

YourRPA will be professional, approachable and practical.

You get our personal attention every time - there is no big organisation to navigate as it is a small 'family' business

Upcoming changes will not affect the service we offer our clients.
Graham is now starting a phased retirement.

After much searching, we have found another RPA/MPE/LPA who will take the business forwards.
She is Elizabeth Benson.

Liz has been working as an external consultant with Graham for a number of years now on the dental side of the business and in April this year became a partner in YourRPA. From working closely with Liz, we know that she shares our values and business ethos so are confident that the business will be in safe hands, especially as our admin team of Simon and Louise will be supporting her. There is no change to the admin side of the business.
The major change is that going forward, YourRPA will only be offering its services to Dental Clients (both for X Ray and laser work). The amount of work coming our way was already becoming too much for just a single RPA so we have made the decision to limit the future work of YourRPA to just dentists. We believe it is better to offer a good service to a smaller client base than a mediocre service to a large range of clients!

All new dental clients are already working with Liz. Existing dental clients will be transitioned to Liz by the Admin Team when their contract is due for renewal.

More detailed information about the above can be found on our dedicated dental website – www.dentalrpa.co.uk
There you will also find an introduction to Liz together with copies of her qualification certificates.

During his phased retirement period (which will last until April 2025) Graham will continue to work with all the clients for whom he is the nominated RPA but he will not be taking on any new clients and may not be in a position to renew all non-dental contracts during this period. You will be given plenty of notice when it becomes necessary for you to find a new RPA.

Marina is obviously also phasing her retirement, and the website maintenance and her financial oversight of YourRPA will eventually fall to the Admin Team so please be supportive of them as their workload increases.
Liz also has a young family so you may not get the ‘round the clock’ service that an ‘oldie’ has been in a position to give you, but rest assured, you will still get a personal, responsive service.

From April 2025 YourRPA will continue with just Simon, Louise and Liz at the helm. We thank you for your loyalty over the last 20 years and hope that those of you who can remain with YourRPA will continue to do so and continue to be happy with its service.