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Contract information:

Flexible and competitive contracts can be arranged to suit your individual needs.

Our usual contacts are set up on an three-yearly basis, with a start date to suit you.

We will provide telephone and email support backed up by on-site visits if necessary. A full visit and audit report would be given.
As Dental Surgeons, you may use both ionising and non-ionising radiations. These radiations are likely to be associated with the use of x-ray machines, blue-light sources and possibly lasers.

Although you will no doubt understand and be aware of the risks involved in using your particular apparatus or procedures, there is a significant amount of complex legislation surrounding the use of ionising and non-ionising radiations that you may not be fully aware of.

Your Practice has to ensure that it complies with this legislation if it wishes to avoid potential prosecution, and if you are to keep your staff, patients and visitors safe.

The ‘advice’ sections of the website gives some pointers to the key features of this legislation and how it may be complied with.

Practices with x-ray machines must consult and appoint a suitable Radiation Protection Adviser about compliance with IRR17 and appoint a Medical Physics Expert to comply with IRMER17.

Graham has experience in designing new x-ray facilities and liasing with architects, as well as routine radiological protection.
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